If you are in an accident, you may end up with more than a damaged car. The physical effects of the accident may last for a lifetime, and they may not always be evident immediately after the accident. Getting compensation after a car accident may be challenging, depending on the situation, which is why many end up hiring a car accident attorney. Here are three ways a car accident attorney can help with your situation. 

They Determine If You Have A Case

Before starting a car accident claim, you will want to know your chances of success. In some instances, a car accident case may be the best option, while in others, it may not be. Consulting with a car accident litigation attorney is the best way to get a professional opinion on your case. Car accident attorneys offer consultations to look at the details of your case and will help you determine whether you should move forward by taking legal action. 

They Determine How Much Time You Have

Another thing to consider is that car accident cases fall under the umbrella of personal injury law. Personal injury cases are limited by statutes of limitations which tell you how long you have to file a claim after the incident occurs. Depending on what state you reside in, you may have between one and six years to take legal action after being harmed in a car accident. However, the date of injury discovery can also impact the statute of limitations. A car accident attorney will determine how much time you have to file a lawsuit or take other legal action.

They Take Care Of The Details

A car accident attorney can also help by taking care of the details of your case. For example, gathering evidence, working with the other driver's insurance company, and obtaining your medical records are all things that need to happen when making a car accident claim. There are also many other things that need to be taken care of during this time. A car accident attorney and their staff will handle many of these details for you. 

If you are considering making a legal claim after a car accident, here are three ways a car accident attorney can help you. First, a car accident attorney will determine whether it's a good idea to take legal action. Second, a car accident attorney will help you decide whether or not you have enough time to file a case. Finally, your attorney will take care of the legal details during this process.