Unfortunately, far too many people who apply for Social Security disability benefits are initially denied. If you have found yourself in this position, appealing the decision is your first step. Your second step should be to hire a Social Security disability lawyer to handle this appeal for you. Continue reading below to learn more about why seeking out legal counsel is really your best course of action. 

Reason #1: Losing Your Appeal Will Also Mean Losing Your Right To Any Back Payments

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, you are entitled to receive payments backdated to the date of your application providing this application is approved. This means that if you win your appeal, you will receive benefits dating back to when you originally filed your application. However, if you lose your appeal, you will be forced to start the application process over again and will lose your right to collect these back payments. This can be financially devastating for many disabled people since they are unable to work. Choosing to hire a Social Security disability lawyer will help to increase your chances of winning your case, and therefore increase your chances of collecting the back payments that you are entitled to.

Reason #2: An Appeal Hearing Is Quite Similar To A Court Hearing

The primary difference between a disability hearing and a traditional court hearing is the judge overseeing your hearing is what is known as an administrative judge. During the course of your hearing you will be given the opportunity to testify, produce a witness, and submit evidence. The opposing side will also be given these same opportunities. Just as you would not show up to a traditional court hearing without legal representation, you should not show up to your disability hearing without a lawyer by your side. Being represented by a lawyer will ensure that you take advantage of all the opportunities available to you during the hearing and that you are prepared to follow all proper procedures for presenting evidence. 

Reason #3: You Truly Have Nothing To Lose

Even if you are still not quite sure about whether or not to hire a Social Security disability lawyer, the fact is that there really is no reason for you not to contact an attorney to at least discuss your case. This is because you truly have nothing to lose by seeking out these legal services. Since most disability lawyers work on a contingency basis, you will not need to spend any money upfront in order to retain a lawyer and you will never have to pay legal fees unless the lawyer wins your case. 

To learn more, contact a Social Security disability lawyer near you.