Elderly relatives need care and assistance in their declining years. Unfortunately, there are some instances when you may not be able to provide your family member with the care they need. Therefore, you might bring them to an assisted living facility so they can get proper supervision and round-the-clock help. Tragically, they may undergo horrific mistreatment at the hands of their caregivers. When this happens, you have a right to sue the negligent facility workers, especially if they engaged in the following types of abuse.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is unlawful and attracts severe punishments for convicted suspects, including perpetrators who injure aging adults in an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, some caregivers still engage in this type of abuse. In some instances, negligent caregivers slap, punch, shove, or kick residents. When this happens, the victims suffer severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment or a lengthy recovery time. So, if you notice your family member is facing physical abuse at the hand of their caregivers, contact a lawyer to assist you in holding the wrongdoer accountable.

Psychological Abuse

Some people who work in nursing homes mistreat the residents or say things that leave the elders terrified and upset. For instance, they threaten, criticize, or verbally abuse the elders. Note that these negligent behaviors usually cause psychological problems. Unfortunately, some victims do not speak out when they undergo this form of mistreatment. Therefore, you need to be vigilant when you visit your relative so that you can detect signs of psychological abuse. If you notice your loved one is unhappy or more reserved due to abuse, enlist a legal advisor's services to assist them in getting justice.

Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately, some staff members at care facilities touch the elders inappropriately, rape them, or engage in other sexual abuses. Note that these unlawful acts deprive the elders of their dignity or even make them undergo depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues. Moreover, this can be an ongoing occurrence because elders are afraid of sharing what they go through. Therefore, they may continue suffering in silence, worsening their conditions. With this in mind, you have to pay close attention to your relative when talking to them to determine whether they have issues disturbing them. Then, if you detect a problem, contact a lawyer to investigate your case and take legal action against the abuser.

Contact a civil law attorney immediately if you suspect your relative is suffering in an assisted living facility. This will enable them to take legal action to protect your family member and other residents. Your attorney will also take the necessary steps to ensure your loved one gets compensation for their suffering. 

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