You might walk up and down the stairs every day, but it only takes one fall down a flight of stairs to suffer injuries that can affect you for months or even years. After falling down the stairs as you head to the subway, you might suffer any number of injuries including a back injury, a head injury, or a shoulder injury. When this happens, you shouldn't assume that it's your fault and that you have to pay for your medical bills alone. A personal injury lawyer might be able to help.

Liability for a Subway Stair Accident

Simply falling down the stairs is not enough for the transit authority to be held responsible for your injuries. You will need to fall down the stairs, injure yourself, and also prove that you fell down the stairs because of the negligence of the transit authority.

For example, if you are able to prove that the stairs were damaged, this can be used to hold the transit authority liable and you can then pursue legal action against them with a better chance of succeeding.

An Example of an Injury After a Fall Down the Stairs

After falling down the stairs, you might suffer a shoulder injury. This might lead to muscle tears or you may damage your shoulder blade. As a result, you might need surgery so you are able to use your arm properly again. Even after the surgery, you might experience ongoing pain, especially when lifting heavy objects.

Depending on the severity of your shoulder injury, you may even find it difficult to work in certain occupations such as those that involve heavy lifting. To improve your range of motion, you might need more surgery or physical therapy.

Your Right to Compensation

If your personal injury lawyer is able to prove that the transit authority was negligent, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. You may be compensated for the initial hospitalization and any further surgeries that you will need so you can recover. If you have suffered any lost wages, you may be entitled to compensation for that as well. You may also receive compensation for pain and suffering.

However, you will need help from a lawyer every step of the way. The defendant might argue that you did not receive a specific treatment soon enough and your lawyer might need to argue for why this was the case. However, with strong legal representation, you will be more likely to receive full compensation for the accident.