A serious car accident can leave you dealing with injuries that linger for the rest of your life. You may be dealing with a broken bone that fails to heal, a traumatic brain injury or severe back problems that limit your mobility. Following your car accident, you may have found out that you can no longer work in your current position. The extent of your injuries may also restrict you from working even a sedentary job. 

If your injuries are expected to affect your ability to work for more than a year, you may be eligible to collect disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. However, it is not always easy to get approved for this assistance. Working with a social security attorney provides you with these key advantages for getting the help you need to move forward after your injuries.

Gather Medical Proof of Your Injuries

You know what hurts and no longer works right on your body, but the government needs to see medical evidence of how serious the injuries are from the accident. You should keep all the medical records that you receive from your doctor. Your social security lawyer can also request medical proof of your injuries once you sign a release form. They'll know what types of paperwork the Social Security Administration wants to see before they make a decision.

Decide If a Witness is Helpful

Disability hearings allow you to bring a witness to testify about your injuries. However, this can sometimes go differently than you might expect. Your lawyer can asses the likelihood of you needing to bring a witness to the stand and help you determine if the person you select is right for the job. If so, they can help them prepare a statement that should help your case.

Prepare for Your Hearing

Going to court for a disability hearing is intimidating, and you may be asked questions by the court that are difficult for you to answer. Your attorney can prep you by covering some of the most common questions that are asked. While you may feel uncomfortable describing how much pain you are in or explaining how the injured parts of your body affect your daily life, it is important to be honest so that the court sees the full picture of how your life has changed.

Get Help Appealing a Denial

Many initial applications for disability benefits are denied. There may be a problem with your paperwork, or the Social Security Administration may try to claim that you can still work in a sedentary position. Your lawyer will take a look at any denial to develop an effective appeal. Reach out to a company like Todd East Attorney at Law if you have questions.