If you are in charge of an HOA in a planned community, you hope that everything runs smoothly at all times. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Since issues can arise, it's always a good idea to have an association lawyer that you can turn to for advice, guidance, and representation. Throughout your tenure as an HOA representative, there may be times when you need your association lawyer to make their presence known or when you need them to attend the meetings. Here are just four of the reasons why you need your association lawyer to make an appearance at your HOA meetings.

You're Planning the Annual Meeting

If you're like most community HOAs, you hold annual meetings for all your members. These annual meetings are an important part of the community plan. Important details are discussed during these meetings, details that affect every member of the community. If you're in the process of planning your next annual HOA meeting, it's time to extend an invitation to your association attorney. They can help smooth over any rough areas that require legal expertise.

You're in the Process of Electing New Officers

If it's time to elect new officers for your HOA, you need to get your association lawyer involved in the process. You can't afford for there to be any hint of impropriety where your elections are concerned. Your association attorney can assist in the election process, specifically to ensure that all legalities are followed and rules are adhered to. If legal issues do pop up during the election of new officers, your association lawyer can help resolve them quickly and fairly.

You Need to Make Legal Changes to the Policies

If you'll be recommending legal changes to the HOA policies or contracts at the next meeting, you need to have legal representation present. Any amendments to governing policies or documents need to be legally sound. They also need to be in keeping with the standards set forth for the community. Failure to do that could put your HOA at risk for future litigation. To avoid that risk, have association lawyer go over the proposed changes, and then have them present during the meeting where these changes are discussed.

Your HOA is Facing Community Disputes

If an issue has arisen within the community, and you find your HOA in the middle of a heated dispute, it's time to call in your association attorney. HOA disputes can get out of control quite quickly, especially when the issues aren't addressed properly. Having your lawyer present will ensure that the disputed issues are addressed quickly, thoroughly, and legally.