Bail amount can either follow a set schedule or it can be set by the judge. In some cases, however, you may be ordered to pay a bail amount that is just too high for you. In such a case, there are measures you can take to convince the judge to lower your bail amount. For example, you may be able to enjoy a lower bail amount if you can prove that:

You Are Not A Danger To The Community

There are two main reasons why the government prefers to hold criminal suspects while their hearing is pending. The first is to ensure that the suspect will be available for trial, and the second is to protect the public from the suspect's violent actions. Therefore, you may be able to enjoy a low bail amount or even be released without bail if you can prove you are not a danger to the community. This may be possible if you were arrested on a non-violent charge and you don't have a violent past.

You Have Never Been Charged With A Crime

Having a criminal past will work against you when it comes to bail negotiations. This is because the judge will view you as a hardened criminal with a high risk of flight or repeat offense. This makes sense, since having a criminal history may also see you get a harsher punishment upon conviction than those with clean criminal histories. This may make the judge believe that you have a strong motivation to flee if released.

Have Strong Ties to The Community

Having strong ties to the community will help you secure a lower bail amount or get released without bail. This is because the ties prove to the judge that you aren't a flight risk. Some of the community ties that may work to your advantage include:

  • Having a permanent job in the area
  • Owning a business that has been in operation for a long time
  • Being a member of a local religious community
  • Having a large family in the area

The Bail Is Unreasonably High

Lastly, you may also have some luck if you can convince the judge that the bail amount is unreasonably high. This is because bail is meant to secure your appearance during the trial, and not to detain you without trial. It is just that making the argument isn't easy because, absent a bail schedule, there is no specific bail amount that the judge is constrained to set.

It's also possible that your lawyer can advise you on what you can do to get the bail amount changed. Contact a professional like Roseline D. Feral Attorney at Law for more help.