Getting a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction is a major problem irrespective of the car you were driving when you were stopped. However, there are special consequences you should expect if you are convicted of a DUI while driving a company car. Here are a few examples of these consequences:

Suspension from Driving Company Vehicles

Most companies have clear guidelines on the consequences of driving while intoxicated. The simplest consequence is usually a suspension of driving the company's car for a given period, say three months. There are several reasons for this; for example, it's a form of punishment to prevent you or other employees from driving while drunk. Also, it's another way of ensuring that you don't taint the company's image with your criminal act. You can imagine how difficult such a suspension can be if you rely on your company's car for your commute. You might have to spend thousands of dollars on car rentals for the duration of the suspension.

Alternative Position

If your current position involves a lot of driving, then it makes sense that you will not be able to perform your duties satisfactorily if you are on a driving suspension. Apart from that, your boss may also be cautious about getting you back on the road after a DUI conviction, they might want to monitor your actions for some tie first.

This means you may be transferred from your usual position to another one that doesn't involve driving. Of course, depending on what this new position entails, it might make you lose of perks that you used to enjoy in your old position.

Termination of Employment Contract

The third consequence is possible loss of job, which can happen via several ways, for example:

  • Some companies have a no tolerance policy when it comes to DUI convictions, and they can dismiss you at the first offense.
  • If your job entails constant driving and there is no alternative position, your boss may have no alternative but to fire you.
  • Even if your boss is the most lenient, they may be forced to fire you if you incur multiple DUI convictions.

As you can see, a DUI conviction can have terrible job-related consequences. Therefore, it's up to you to do everything in your power to avoid drinking and driving. If you do get stopped and charged with DUI, get criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to help you avoid not only the job-related problems but also the legal punishments of DUI convictions.