It is annoying when your landlord does not come immediately and make a repair. A leaky roof is one of those repairs that require immediate attention. It can lead to water coming through your ceiling. If you slip from the leak, then it becomes a problem for the landlord when you file a slip and fall lawsuit. Read on to find out who is liable when a tenant slips from a leak in a rental house.

What Is Premises Liability?

It is call a premises liability accident when a property becomes dangerous or defective. The defect can occur on the outside or inside of the building. There are different reasons why a property becomes dangerous, such as poor maintenance, dangerous clutter or shoddy construction. A property become labeled as dangerous when it leads to falling, tripping, slipping or something falling on your head. However, there are certain rules to consider when determining who is responsible when an injury occur on a rental property.

Must Keep Property Safe

When you own a property, you must not subject anyone that enter to unreasonable risk of injury because of condition, design or construction of the property. The person that enters can be a tenant, visitor or shopper. The property owner is at fault because he or she is in control of the stability of the house. A tenant or visitor has no control over safety of a rental property. For instance, if the owner of a house does not fix a leaky roof, then he or she is responsible when someone slips because of water on the floor.

What Is The Conduct Of The Injured Person?

The conduct of the injured person is something else that is considered when determining liability. If the person is acting in a careless, dangerous or unauthorized manner, then the property owner is not responsible. For example, if a tenant dance on a chair and slips, then the property owner is not responsible. However, the tenant can be responsible when movable things inside of a rental property causes injury to someone.

Slipping can lead to serious bodily harm. The property owner must take the necessary measures to prevent anyone from getting hurt. In the long run, property owners will save money by making repairs within a reasonable amount of time. If you have an accident because of negligence by your landlord, then it is time to call a slip and fall lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help you recover damages.