Workers compensation is necessary when it comes to getting employees paid any time that they are hurt on the job. If you get hurt when you are on the clock, you'll need to pick up the phone and work on hiring a workers compensation lawyer who can assist you. These lawyers will be your advocate so that your place of employment does the right thing and pays you a settlement for your injuries. Because you need an expert by your side during these situations, read on and take in these tips on hiring a lawyer and making it through your case. 

#1: Get referrals and hire a lawyer as quickly as you can

You never want to wait too long to bring in an expert attorney. When you hire them quickly, they will be there during the very beginning of the case and can put together detailed evidence which will be essential for the success of your case. You should be able to get some referrals from other people who have hired workers compensation lawyers. Take those referrals and sit down with multiple workers compensation firms to have them explain the details of what you need to do. Ask your attorney to give you a price breakdown of the rate that they charge. Most workers compensation lawyer's work on rates of 15% and 25% of your payout.

#2: Get the medical advice and healing that you need

You empower yourself to heal and also win your case when you get the best medical care. This starts first by making sure to see a physician to diagnose all of your injuries. Forward all diagnoses to both your lawyer and your HR department as you push toward a resolution. In addition to physician visits, it may be possible that you need physical therapy treatments. Physical therapy costs between $10 and $75 per visit with insurance co-pays. Save copies of any bills, as they will play into the settlement amount that you receive.

#3: Follow all of your attorney's advice

Never shoot yourself in the foot by going against anything your attorney says. They will guide you on what to say and do, as well as what not to say and do. These lawyers will also keep you on track so that your case meets your state's statute of limitations. Depending on your state, you can expect a workers compensation statute of limitations of 2 years or so.

Think about these three tips as you start calling up lawyers today.