Family law cases are extremely stressful. You go through a whole whirlwind of emotions in an attempt to try and make sense of everything. Because of all the stress and chaos involved, many people end up making costly mistakes in their family law cases. Here are some of the common mistakes you want to avoid to make sure you don't end up getting shorted in your case.

Moving out of your home.

If you make the decision to move out of your home and let the other party retain possession, you can bet you are going to end up paying more in child support and alimony. You will also be giving up precious time with your children. Once one party moves out on their own, the other party will be stuck having to pay for utilities, the mortgage and various other bills around the house. The court is going to look at that when it comes to determining how much financial relief the other party needs or deserves. Your moving out now could end up causing you to pay for the expenses of two separate places. Moving out on your own also tells the court that you are okay with the kids living with the other parent.

Assuming it is only a temporary arrangement.

Many parents end up coming to a temporary agreement on parenting time with the other party. They figure it is only a temporary solution. However, that often isn't the case. Courts will ask what the children like and how things have been now that the parents aren't together under the same roof. Agreeing to anything on a temporary basis could end up becoming the final order and taking away your negotiating power in court. You need to be involved with the children if you expect to get your fair share of time with them.

Signing papers without getting the advice of an attorney.           

Anytime you are signing papers involving alimony payments, support time and payments or property distribution, you need to have a licensed attorney review everything on your behalf. You don't want to sign an agreement that isn't in your best interest because it could come back on you later on. While a child support agreement might be able to be modified down the road, the court is always going to look at anything you agreed to in the past and use that to make a final determination. Having an attorney look things over will save you a lot of hassle later on.

By not making one of the costly mistakes above, you can get through your divorce case much more quickly and easily. For additional help in family law, contact a company like Olschewski Davie Barristers & Solicitors.