The idea of being accused of something that you didn't do can be terrifying. This is especially true if you are accused of a sex crime, which can carry serious legal penalties and a major social stigma. However, these false accusations are more common than you probably think, and they can be brought forth by jealous lovers, ex-spouses who want to win a child custody battle and more.

This isn't a situation that you should try to forget or that you should assume will go away on its own. The consequences are too dire for you to ignore the situation, so it's important to take these steps immediately to try to protect yourself.

Hire a Lawyer Right Away

Do not hesitate to hire a criminal defence lawyer. The sooner that you get a lawyer on your side, the better. Your attorney can help you prepare yourself for your court case and can give you advice about how to handle the situation. Your lawyer can also help prove that you are innocent, which can be difficult to do if you try to fight the case on your own.

Gather Up Supporting Evidence

Any and all evidence that can help prove your innocence is important in a situation like this one. These are a few things that you can gather up to help you prove that you aren't guilty of this heinous crime:

  • Proof of your alibi, such as receipts, photographs or video surveillance that prove that you were elsewhere when the "crime" was supposedly committed.
  • Emails, text messages and phone records that prove that you had a legitimate relationship with the so-called victim, if applicable.
  • Proof of polygraph tests that you may have taken and passed. Although this evidence might not hold up in court, it can be enough to convince a district attorney not to press charges in some cases, especially if it is accompanied by other evidence.
  • Witnesses who know you and/or the "victim" and who will act as a character reference or who have reason to believe that the "victim" has falsely accused you.
  • Evidence of why the person might try to file a false report, such as proof of child custody or financial benefits that the person could benefit from if you are convicted.

Don't Talk to the Wrong People

Stay away from the so-called "victim" at all costs; otherwise, what you say or do could be held against you. Also, avoid releasing a statement to anyone without approval from your lawyer, and keep the information off of social media.

Being accused of a sex crime that you did not commit can be a truly awful thing to go through. However, if you follow these steps, you can help improve your chances of proving your innocence.