Any allegations of child abuse are taken very seriously in Canada. Professionals who encounter children on a daily basis are required by law to report their suspicions, but should not make repeated reports unless child welfare specialists have not responded to the first report in a timely manner. This means that you could, as a parent, be under fire for child abuse more than once, but the visits from child welfare for each report would not occur consecutively. If your children are removed from your home while you are under investigation, regardless of the falseness of the reports, you can get your children back with a lawyer's help.

Proving Your Innocence to Social Workers

As painful as this process is, to be considered a child abuser or accused of abusing your children is something you want expunged from your personal record. To avoid ever having such a label attached to your name, providing the best possible care for your children is key, but you can do even more than that.

  • You can establish connections with other parents and your children's teachers such that they understand some challenges that your family faces at home, e.g., special needs, single parent caring for special needs children, violent outbursts or dangerous behaviors, etc.
  • Keeping up with your healthy child visits at your pediatrician's office also helps, as it establishes medical issues and physical deficiencies, which others might view as abuse or neglect. Because healthcare for children is free in every province, you should have no problems keeping appointments.
  • Provide detailed records, and even videos where applicable, of the problematic behaviors (starting fires, opening windows and hanging out of them, etc.) you have encountered with your children and what you have done to prevent self-injury, and injury caused by accidents in the home.

Even though the accusations against you may be false and misleading, child welfare workers are still required to perform a full investigation. It can be quite humiliating and degrading, especially if the allegations come from a former spouse or life partner. Making connections with people who know, interact and care for your children benefits you because the social worker, family lawyer and judge involved in your case will interview them to see what kind of a parent you are. If you face any special challenges as a parent raising your children, including any physical or mental health problems you have personally, then medical records, healthcare providers, teachers and childcare providers can attest to your innocence.

Regaining Your Parental Rights

During a child abuse investigation, your parental rights are suspended. If you make it clear to the tribunal and to the social workers that you absolutely want your children back, you may regain your rights slowly over the course of a year. You may regain your rights sooner with the help of a family lawyer, who can prove to the tribunals that the allegations are false and discredit anyone who accuses you of harming your children. Although it is expensive to hire a family lawyer for this purpose, it beats libel, defamation of character, and public records revealing that your children had to be placed in protective custody. Go to site for more information on how to prove your innocence.