Did you suffer a serious spinal injury after an auto collision with a reckless driver? You may need assistance from an injury lawyer to help you prove your case and file a lawsuit for your spinal injury. Below, find out how an injury lawyer can help you with filing a spinal injury lawsuit against a reckless driver and speed up the time taken for you to get compensated.

How Can a Lawyer Help with a Spinal Injury Lawsuit Against a Reckless Driver?

The key to winning your lawsuit against the other party is strong evidence of your spinal injury and that you were not in the wrong. The police report from the accident can act as evidence in court, but your lawyer will help you obtain more evidence in case the other party contests the police report. The lawyer will visit the scene of the accident in an attempt to locate witnesses who may have seen the other party cause the accident.

Gathering evidence to support your spinal injury will involve the lawyer obtaining your medical records from the clinic you are being treated at, but you have to sign a medical release form. It is important for details of your specific symptoms to be outlined in the records because it can help with calculating how much you deserve to be compensated. A spinal injury is dangerous because it can lead to paralysis.

You will also need a document from your physician stating how long you are expected to be treated for the spinal injury. You may be able to receive long-term compensation to make sure you are not placed in a financial bind from medical bills. It is possible to receive a large lump sum of money as well.

Can a Lawyer Speed Up the Amount of Time to Receive Compensation?

Before moving forward with the lawsuit, your lawyer may be able to get the dispute settled through mediation. The other party and his or her lawyer will be contacted to discuss mediation, but they must agree to the sessions for it to happen. Mediation is a fast way to get compensated for an injury because it may take only a few sessions before a settlement is made, and there is a mediator to keep discussions civil. If no one comes to an agreement through mediation, court proceedings can move forward.

You have the right to get paid for the medical bills associated with your spinal injury, as well as your pain and suffering. Contact an injury lawyer like Melanson Accident & Injury Law Firm to help you file a lawsuit and get your money!